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Looking at the infinite gap between energy production and energy requirement we at Gensai Energy Private Limited thought why not work towards producing energy through abundant supply of free raw material i.e. Sun Rays or Solar Energy. People around us always talked of using solar products but never really got one, the reason being availability.

That was the last reason for us to enter this industry because of the huge demand and supply gap, a satisfaction of producing indigenously and with the hope that it will also satisfy our social angle by producing ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY ENERGY.

After long research and development we came up with several LED based solar – non solar products (Why LED – because it consumes almost 1/5th of energy as compared with conventional lighting devices and has a life of over 50000 burning hours) which not only were highly reliable with long life but also comparatively cost effective with higher value for our customers in comparison to presently available products of same specifications in the markets.

GENSAI is a newly registered entity though the Directors have been working on Research & Development, market survey, demand-supply assessment; cost comparison analysis etc. of the LED based Solar / Non Solar products since May 2009.

With great satisfaction we would like to announce that after rigorous Research & Development we have been able to successfully produce products (LED based Solar & Non Solar) for the market (Testing not only in the laboratory but also in the market for its saleability).

Constantly looking towards better solutions for our customers and identifying new technologies in the industry to elevate our customers to the next horizon of Solar – Non Solar LED lighting products, Power Generation through renewable sources, practical, efficient & value for money solutions.

"Customer is first, Quality is base, Efficiency creates benefit and Service improves value"


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